Uhuri Cultural Centre is registered with the corporate affairs Commission since 2017. 

Since then the Centre has continued to live up to it’s core mission and corporate responsibility.

The Centre is one of its kind within the state and Obowo Community is blessed as a result.

WHY UHURI? Meaning and Symbolism.

Uhuri is not a kindred in Umuariam or a village in Obowo. However it is the main square of Umuokoro community- (the opara Umuariam). In the cosmos, it represents the gathering of a people. Legend has it that it (Uhuri Umuokoro) is the site where a notable Obowo village(Avutu) rested after the migrants left their kindred somewhere in Mbaise before being directed eastwards to their present abode in Obowo. Uhuri Cultural Center is engaged in deeper research about this legend and other legends about the history of individual Obowo village migrations. Notably, Uhuri Umuokoro square was one of the foremost Nigeria voting sites as indicated in the INEC register and its forebears.