Our Projects

Uhuri Cultural Centre became a reality through the efforts of its founder and key individuals as Trustees, sponsors and dedicated volunteer staff who started to develop an idea to its present reality. Currently located at the UCC Plaza at Uhuri market square Umuokoro Umuariam Obowo, Uhuri Cultural Centre has continued to engage in its founding mission through the promotion of Obowo indigenous Cultural heritage and tradition. Our focal project remains ultimately the building of a structure that will accommodate Obowo Cultural heritage as well as a center for Obowo current and future generations and visitors with interest in Obowo.  As of 2019, the Centre has promoted and documented well over 20 Obowo traditions, Cultural events and sites of great historical and cultural significance.  

The heritage identification and preservation division manages the identification, commission and acquisition of culturally and historically significant art as well as the conservation and maintenance of the existing landmarks, sites and trails. To this end works of public art, photography and mosaics, many created by indigenous Obowo artists, enliven the Centre. While many of the collection are from Obowo, a few are also from around the world.

The activities and programs division is engaged in providing instruction and enrichment of Igbo language and culture in the context of Obowo indigenous community through programs and activities reminiscent of years gone by such as folklores, concerts, cultural music, drama and poetry.  It is also responsible for encouraging the sustenance of Obowo culture and heritage. Beginning in the later part of 2023 the anticipated bi-annual Obowo cultural music festival will make Obowo a vibrant place to live and work and a great community to visit.

The Centre is committed to International Outreach to promote and showcase the uniquely rich and diverse Obowo culture and tradition. The Centre seeks to educate and inspire interest in Obowo culture and tradition through visual arts, music, literary and performing arts by offering a wide variety of programs to the outside world.



Uhuri Cultural Centre is a duly registered non-profit and non-governmental entity.  Funding for any of our projects including a permanent building is by donation or bequest. We seek donors for each of our projects; be it the annual Iri-ji festival, Mbomuzo, Egbe-Nkwu, Ekpo masquerade or any other cultural tradition. Your donation enables the Centre live up to its mission. When a donor makes a gift, donation or bequest, the donor directs the project to be utilized. The Centre, may however channel the funds to project areas of most need. We are open six days a week, except Sundays from 8 am – 4pm. A visit to the Centre is worth the effort!