Obowo Landmarks & Attractions


Ishi-Iyi Umokoro Umariam Hiking Trail & Spring Water Falls

Pictures arranged by Monica Udo-Ndon  (UCC IT in-residence)

Uhuri Cultural Centre Obowo has begun identifying  potential natural hiking landscapes about to be lost to development and urbanization in OBOWO. So we went all out with ISHI-IYI  spring water falls in Umuokoro Umuariam  valley.

It is unique among OBOWO natural water resources  for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that ISHI-IYI Umuokoro  includes working farms within the water fall’s boundaries. Much of the area’s land had been, or is in danger of becoming developed, with historic cliffs lost as the depth of the water fall keeps shrinking. 

Children and community members still come to it to hike on its trails, play and to fetch much-deserved spring water. The farms are some of the most fertile parcels in the community. Please enjoy what we saw in these pictures. 

Obowo Wild life Reserve Center at Iyi Nkwo Umuariam Market Groove containing live monkeys.

Abadaba Lake at OKwuohia Obowo. A natural wonder!