Map of Obowu

Map of Obowo

Obowo, also spelled Obowu, is a Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria, and is headquartered in Otoko. Other towns in the LGA include Achara, Amanze Umuagu, Umungwa, Umulogho, Odenkwume, Okwuohia, Amuzi, Alike, Avutu and Umuokeh. Former Imo State Governor Sam Mbakwe was born in and died in Obowo. Obowo is located about 45 minutes from Owerri. The area is right across the Imo River and is less than 30 minutes from the Umuahia and Ahiara in opposite directions. with the Amanze seven and half (71/2) junction and landmark in-between.